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image of the day. [Apr. 1st, 2007|07:50 am]
The Rebel Biologista

cloud forest sunset
Originally uploaded by little lenya lost.
At the end of another bird trip in freezing rain whilst high up in mountains, the sun sets and for a second I forget how cold I am.
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oral amunition. [Mar. 29th, 2007|10:06 pm]
The Rebel Biologista
"Chingona is a term that signifies power- a "bad ass" or strong woman. However, this term is highly contested amongst Raza Womyn because some feel that the root word, "chingar" which translates into "to fuck" continues to signify patriarchal notions of power. Others argue that there are multiple meanings of "chingar" and "Chingona," and they seek to self-define and empower the use of the term. To them, a Chingona is a strong, fierce woman. Because of the conflicting views and inability to agree on the use of the term, Chingona had not been used in any of the conference titles although it had been suggested for three consecutive years until this spring, 2004. In line with the Muxerista consciousness of the space, the women respected the different convictions shared about the term and because they had not come to a consensus, they did not use it previously. "

MUXERISTA PEDAGOGY: Raza Womyn Teaching Social Justice Through Student Activism [View in PDF]
The High School Journal - Volume 87, Number 4, April-May 2004, pp. 80-94 – Article
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image of the day. [Mar. 29th, 2007|02:14 pm]
The Rebel Biologista

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image of the day. [Mar. 28th, 2007|09:01 pm]
The Rebel Biologista

paramo del angel
Originally uploaded by little lenya lost.
Lorax-esque, eh?
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revealing my horrible music taste once again [Mar. 12th, 2007|04:05 pm]
The Rebel Biologista
If any of you have been in any discoteca in Latin America in the past year, you will know these songs.

I am shamefully admitting that I love these songs, and whenever they play, I find myself forced to shake it.

Oh, reggaeton... you will be the death of me.

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((((shiver)))) [Mar. 6th, 2007|02:46 pm]
The Rebel Biologista

See, this is where I was three weeks ago.

Now? Snowville, population Freezing As Hell.

Any wonder I am having trouble adjusting?
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a summary, a brief informatory interlude, and two lists. [Feb. 24th, 2007|05:43 pm]
The Rebel Biologista
Ali, Katy and I went to Otavalo this morning and I bought a last handful of swag, though said swag cost more than usual due to it being Carnaval out here... which in most of Ecuador means everyone throws water, flour, and foam at everyone else. Makes for messy funtimes. From there I headed straight to band practice, first time I saw my boys in about two months, and in a matter of hours my dear old moo is landing into downtown Quito.

Can I just say that life has been very very good to me lately?

And ooooooh man I am giddy with how soon I get to see my friends. For the curious folks out there, I will be touching down in Dee-troit city on March 4th at 11:46 am.

I will most likely be jet lagged to all hell, considering the first flight I´m taking leaves around 9 pm on March 3rd.

Things I am looking forward to, in absolutely no order:

- wearing high heels, long gloves, and the rest of the swanky gear I left behind
- ethnic food
- food with spice to it in general
- Hilary Ann`s bridesmaid party
- my hot tub
- my family, complete with cat and poodle
- visiting the K kids
- setting up my dorm at K, living with the divine miss Harpe and also hopefully Brady
- visiting non-K friends, including a certain whiny jew who lives in Chicago
- having computer genius next door neighbor fix my lappy 500
- clothes shoppiiiiiing for jeans that actually fit me and whatnot
- taking creative writing
- hey have I mentioned friends yet? Because seriously.
hey what about
- MY CDs
- Comic books for sale that aren´t Spiderman or the X-Men (no offense, theromancandle, resolute)
- going out dancing for FREE at the Metro (oh please Amy don´t tell me that policy changed)
- K college parties, in all of our quirky glory
- being back in a country that allows abortion (for now) and is more progressive in terms of gay rights and women´s rights (not that that takes much in comparison to most any Latin American country)

Things I am going to miss horribly, also in no order:

- my host family, especially my little sister. she is wondrous.
- DVDs that cost 2 dollars, often 1 dollar
- manicures that cost 3 dollars, sometimes 2
- beauty shtuff in general being so cheap
- my band and its boys.
- getting anywhere in a cab for under 5 dollars
- taking busses that cost 25 cents
- being able to walk absolutely everywhere, independence in general
- oh god the scenery, animals, and perpetual springtime climate
- yuca, pan de yuca
- yogurt the way they make it here
- fresh squeezed fruit juice of every variety imaginable
- cheap food. cheap clothes. cheap everything.
- the stress-free schooling with minimal work

but also
- drinking legally
- actual youth scene outside of college campuses
- excellent public transportation all around
- amazing museums
- shrunken heads, inca ruins, and street vendors
- speaking Spanish everywhere
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doubt, doubt, doubt... [Feb. 23rd, 2007|05:58 pm]
The Rebel Biologista
OK, so...

applied to Bodega Marine Laboratories and California Academy of Sciences for internships.

will apply to WMU ontime for an internship, though must wait til back in grasp of K ID so I can check my damn GPA and give it to them.

that´s three.

To feel safe, I want to apply to at least five, which I thought I had once I added in the LA museum of natural history and Humboldt University. Unfortunately, NEITHER are offering internship opportunities this year ... so they freaking post NOW, once most applications to universities are already due.


Furthermore, most other SIPs with a stipend will have applications due by early march... which means its too late for me to get my shit together.


Though hey, Rich Moii of the California Academy of Sciences seemed to like me well enough, so here´s hoping I get that... even though my favorite option is no longer available. There´s still some fun projects, possibly even sequencing black widow DNA...

but dude... once I get back to Kalamazoo I should start looking for other internships as a security net ASAP.
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yesssssssssssssss. [Feb. 23rd, 2007|11:54 am]
The Rebel Biologista
Just got an email from my Tropical Rainforest Ecology prof...

I got an A in the class, babes!

Victory, thy name is Lenya.

And heeeeey busy day tomorrow, what with a band practice at 4 and then picking up my mama and everlovin gmar at 10:24.... so excited that my body is buzzing.
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fotorecord 1 -- how I look now [Feb. 22nd, 2007|11:52 am]
The Rebel Biologista

as of ten minutes ago, this is how I look. Hey mom, maybe it will help you find me at the airport? Heh.

You can´t really see because of the lighting in here, but what was once a smallish freckle on my cheek is now, thanks to the power of filthy equator sunlight, much more like a beauty mark. Makes me feel like a retro movie star.
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